IMG_1624Why buy a boat ? Join the Club!
With a boat membership, you can get great value by enjoying a bigger boat with more comforts and accessories for less money than if you were to buy one. Also, there is no stress with financing and future resale value. Plus, there are no long term agreements.

Boating helps reduce stress.

We can’t emphasize the statistics enough. Numerous studies have shown that a little bit of fun boating each day can go a long way. In fact, a National Marine Manufacturers Association survey of over 1,000 households listed boating in the top three of all stress-relieving activities. To learn more about the benefits of reducing stress in your life,  

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Give your family the gift of time. 

Time is the most precious thing you can own. Because our lives are full of responsibilities, worries and challenges, we often point the importance of spending quality time with our children. Spend time with your loved ones and take them to boating. Research shows that individuals who are constantly exposed to watching TV or playing violent games have a tendency to be overweight or adapt risky behaviors. It’s far better to go out on water and  build memories with family!

Boating improves quality of life.

It’s a fact that recreational boating contributes to improving your quality of life. The minute you start moving forward through a boat, you’ll notice how easy it is to leave life concerns behind. Fun boating provides a constructive outlet for entertainment and opens doors for enriching opportunities of self discovery.

Boating helps you bond with friends.

From a study by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, fifty-four percent of all households listed fishing as their favorite boating activity (followed by cruising and relaxing with family and friends). In other words, to many people, the best part about boating doesn’t revolve around the latest techniques or the number of catch from fishing. Boating simply provides opportunities to tie up with friends. It brings people together and creates fond memories that can last a lifetime.

Boating membership is convenient.

With boat membership, you benefit from an online reservation system. The club prepares the boat for you. In fact, the convenience of boating makes it possible to hop on our club boats for a mini vacation whenever you feel like it. It can serve as an alternative to other family or business activities which can quickly add up to becoming expensive and time-consuming.

Boating is an engaging and rewarding activity.

Boating offers lots of opportunities for personal growth. It can be a means to instill extra confidence in a child as he learns how to properly secure a line or just a source of simple joys from the activity. Boating provides many different rewards for all ages.

Boating is good for you.

Consider boating. As a matter of fact, anyone can attest that simply breathing in the brisk wind coming off the water can go a long way. What’s more, boating brings about physical and psychological benefits.

Boating is easy to learn.

If you’re new to boating, take heart.  Through courses and trainings, we can teach anyone the what’s and how’s of the activity. Behind every learning is the willingness to receive knowledge and skills.

Boating is fun.

No doubt, sailing in boats is fun! Many activities related to it like fishing, snorkeling and swimming can also be explored.