Benefits of Being A Pleasure Cruising Club Member |

So you’ve decided to become a Pleasure Cruising Club member, now what? Well, we’d actually like to ask you a question: Are you ready for lots of fun in the water? If your answer is Yes, then you made the right choice!


Being a Pleasure Cruising Club member, you will:

1. Be Able to Drive Multiple Boats Not Just One Boat 1-18 people


That’s right. As of September 2017, the club has acquired 6 sports cruisers at your disposal. All we need to do is get you trained before taking the boat out.


2. Not Having to Clean After Your Guests

You will never have to anti foul a boat. There are no hidden boating cost shocks, Leave the maintenance and cleaning to us. Pleasure Cruising club offers step on and off service. Let us take care of those for you while you take care of your guests.

Something our members never ever ever have to do is anti foul the boat and get hit with the hidden costs of owning a

Posted by Pleasure Cruising Club Inc on Sunday, September 3, 2017


3. Have the Flexibility to Choose Your Boats Whenever You Want

All members, new and old, can reserve their boats on our members’ portal calendar up to 60 days in advance. If your boat is not available on your target date, don’t worry. There are still 5 more cruisers to choose from!



4. NO Ramp Rage !

Our members enjoy the step on and step off service. There is no ramp waiting times which can be up to 4 hours to launch a boat. Then you find you cant park your trailer parking spot and end uf with a parking ticket. Enjoy the clubs setep on and off service! Plenty of parking just walk on the prepared boat. No stress!



5. Enjoy Members’ Excursion

Visit popular tourist destinations with other Pleasure Cruising Club members. Make friends and expand your social circle. It is both good for your social life and business networking


6. Get an Awesome Member Support

Our staff is always happy to assist the members. Seeing the members enjoying themselves, nothing can be more rewarding for us. From fishing gears to coffee and tea on the boat, we’d be glad to assist. Need a skipper so you can focus on your guests? No problem! All boats have fleet tracking so we can keep all members safe as there i sno RACV on the water,

Not yet a member? Join the club now. Contact us!