Boat Membership V Timeshare |

Pleasure Cruising offers not a timeshare, but an affordable pay by the month subscription on a short-term basis of one year. It’s wise to put into luxury boating to trial before you buy. There is no long-term commitment. At the end of one year, our members can opt not to renew their membership. There is flexibility in booking our luxury boats when you want to, via our internet reservation system.

A boat share arrangement is a long-term arrangement where you buy a percentage of the boat. There is no exit strategy if  ever you change your mind. A yearly levy is charged and it can vary as a result of damage or unforeseen circumstances. However, you are responsible for paying for damages caused by other boat share users. In addition, you have to book your reservations yearly in advance based on the boat share arrangement. You can also also exposed to substantial capital losses  since the gfc boat values have halved in three years!

So, get in touch with us today. We can arrange an appointment at the marina and get you on the water straight away!