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The Five Simple Steps To Enjoy Luxury Boating

“Share the Boat”

Top Down

Sunrunner 28 “Reckless”
(No ramp waiting times)


The “Dazzler”

The club is all about making the unfordable feature of luxury boating affordable. Memberships start from $699 per month for “Freedom & Harmony” Mustang 2800 Sports Cruiser, new valued at $150,000. There is also the $600,000 Luxury Riviera 4000 Cruiser, which you can sign up for only $2,299 per month, with no outgoings.

Join the club before spring and upon signing a three year membership, get the first year for free! As a member, you have the liberty to delay the start according to your choice or go straight away and enjoy our “Follow the Sun” membership in Sydney.

How to join? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Pick the boat of your choice (note that cross points apply so that you can use all the boats).

“Reckless” Sunrunner 28                             1-6 passengers
“Freedom & Harmony” Mustang 2800     1 – 8 passengers
 “Sally” Mustang 2800                                  1 – 8 passengers
“Show Pony” Mustang 32                             1-10 passengers
“The Dazzler” Riviera 3600                         1-10 passengers
“The Voodoo” Riviera 4000                        1-18 passengers
“The Boss” Sunseeker Portofino 47           1-16 passengers

Step 2. Select your boating days.

“Indigo”    1-10 days a year ( Speedy only)
“Bronze”   16 days a year     (Speedy,  Reckless,  Show Pony, Dazzler and Fairview)
“Gold”       1-24 days a year  (Plus unlimited standby days on all boats, extended day reservations, member rewards card and meet & greet service)

Fleet Pricing is available online and registration is free.

Step 3 . Make an appointment online or call us through 03 9005 3726.

Complete a membership agreement for three years and get the first year for free.

Step 4.  Attend your free skipper school hands-on training.

Step 5. Do an online reservation for your boat.

We guarantee that every boat is in its perfect condition with enough fuel at all times. Otherwise, we’ll give $500 worth of free fuel.

This offer is subject to a three-year membership.


Pre Dawn Queue

Avoid the 4-hour ramp rage launching times.