BoatPoint Reviews and Mustang Refit March 2012 |

Pleasure Cruising Club Inc. was recently reviewed by Geoff Middelton of, the leading boat portal in Australia. Here are Geoff’s comments:

“Not everyone can afford a luxury boat, not everyone wants one, nor the cleaning and maintenance hassles. Which is why boat-share businesses have sprung up around the country. The offer to owners or ‘members’ is affordable, seamless, fuss-free boating for as many days as they need.

“It’s a fact that most boats are used fewer than 40 days of the year. So, for those boaters who aren’t fanatical, who just want to get out on the water with friends and family on a few sunny weekends each year, boat share makes sense”.

Mustang Royal 38 Refit

The Pleasure Cruiser 38 has recently gone through a major refit. The existing Volvo Pentire 2007 engines were replaced with new Five litre V8’s and now takes advantage of the latest 2012 technology. Engines have come along way since 2007 and to ensure that our members have the trouble- free boating, over $40,000 were spent on the upgrade. New features include electronic gear shift from the old cable system and electronic throttle adjustment for both engines to run at the same revs. Also, the props were changed to a smaller size to reduce engine wear and maximise power. The top speed has increased to 32 knots. It’s the club’s policy to ensure that boats are constantly upgraded. We are planning to upgrade our Pleasure Cruiser 28 Mercruiser engine for all our club boats ┬áto ensure trouble-free boating to all our members.