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Life’s too Short!

Pleasure Cruising can provide the ultimate entertainment for your family and friends this summer. Go to Portsea, Geelong, Sorrento or party at Docklands. Have a BBQ on the boat, cruise to your favourite beach and swim. Give yourself a gift this summer and timeshare our luxury sports cruiser because life is too short!!

Investor Opportunity

Come and join us! Become an investor with Pleasure Cruising.

Due to current market conditions in Sydney and Melbourne, we have an opportunity to accept sports cruisers into our fleet based on higher customer demand. Got a boat that’s not used too often and costing too much money to maintain? Consider placing your boat with us and in return, you will get:

– Positive cash flow
– Comprehensive boat maintenance program
– Access to your boat when you want it
– Access to other boats

For more info, call us at 0390053726 or send an -mail to

Port Phillip Snapper Report

This report is courtesy of fishing expert Paul Pingiaro of Mornington.

The best snapper seasons typically occur when a year of above average rainfall is preceded by a year of below average rainfall or when there is a large amount of early season rain (September-November). The reason for these two climate patterns producing good catches of snapper is because early season rain causes large amounts of organisms to be flushed out of all the local creeks and rivers. This plankton feeds the pilchard, garfish and baitfish schools. These schools, in turn, feed the squid, salmon and barracouta schools that enter the bay at the same time as the snappers do. The more food, the bigger and longer the run of snappers in Port Phillip Bay.

While writing this article prior to the end of the run of this season, I was recently asked if the season of 2006-07 is one of Port Phillip Bay’s bests in recent years. And so, after reviewing the commercial fishing harvests of snapper and comparing these to Victoria’s actual rain fall, I found out that there seems to be some correlation between a year of good rainfall followed by a year of little rain fall and larger than usual snapper catches. If this is a pattern, then yes, 2008-09 could certainly be one of the bests in a long time for the recreational angler.

The snapper have had a lot to contend with. From 1978-79 until 1990-91, commercial fishermen harvested an average of 162.58 tonnes of snapper in Victorian Waters. Since then, the average commercial harvest has slipped to 59.14 tonnes.

Now, there are many factors that contribute to these overall harvest figures. But one thing is certain, the old snapper was getting an absolute flogging fifteen years ago and with a slow growing fish, this had to be affecting the reproductive rates of the fish and the overall health of the fish population. Currently, there is better fisheries management in most areas and the snapper’s habitat is in a healthier condition with the stopping of scallop dredging in Port Phillip Bay(1995). I think we can all look forward to an improving fishery, just as long as we limit our catch, not catch our limit!

Paul Pingiaro’s Hot GPS Spots
GPS Locations and Marks Southern Port
Phillip Bay

Rye Snapper – GPS: 38 16 652s 144 52 001e
Rye Squid – GPS: 38 21.085s 144 48.549e
Portsea Deep – GPS: 38.17.250S 144.40.230E

Chinamans Hat – GPS: 38 17 385s 144 43 515e
Snapper, Flathead, Whiting, Salmon

Aquarium Hole – GPS: 38 17 449s 144 47 542e
Snapper, Flathead, Whiting, Salmon

Portsea Hole – GPS: 38 18 370s 144 42 410e

Weeroona – GPS: 38 18 700s 144 42 670e
Snapper, Flathead, Whiting

Sorrento Whiting 1 – GPS: 38 19 759s 144 44 829e

Sorrento Boat Ramp – GPS: 38 20 097s 144 44 655e
Rye Wreck Snapper – GPS: 38 20 543s 144 52 309e
Rosebud Reef Snapper – GPS: 38.337.883s 144.887.417e

Symonds Channel – GPS: 38 15 408s 144 45 079e
Snapper, Gummy and Seven Gill Sharks

Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Show 2009

Pleasure Cruising will be at the Boat Show from the 30th of January until 1st of February, 2009. To be held afloat at Melbourne Docklands, this show way bigger and better than previous events. We’d love to see you all there! For interested prospective members, there will be huge special offers on memberships for the duration of the show.


From Pleasure Cruising team- Gary Freeman, Dan Toms, Bill Coon and Yvonne Williams- we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and safe boating!!!