Destination Wyndham Harbour |

Another great venue you can use your membership with is by taking one of our boats to Wyndham Harbour. This stellar destination of West-Wyndham Harbour is a beautiful location that you and your family will truly enjoy.

The harbour opened its waterways to visitors just around March of 2016. It is Australia’s newest marina and beach equipped with new facilities. A great place to spend the night is just ten minutes drive from Werribee Zoo and offers easy access and safe anchorage.

It offers a relaxing bayside living with a whiff of luxury, the same way we strive to make PCC for you. With breathtaking scenery and year round activity, Wyndham Harbour offers the perfect destination by the water, with a sublime mix of lifestyle, community and a passion for all things nautical.

Berthing space, fees, and documents might be required by the Marina prior to arriving. If you need help providing some of the documentations they require, please don’t hesitate to email our staff.