Do you qualify to be a part of our Club? | Pleasure Cruising

luxury boat hire

Pleasure Cruising Club is a luxury boating club and is not for everyone. You must be meticulous as to what you want in a luxury club and so do we in selecting who can enter ours. 

Our requirement is very simple. We wish to confirm with you the following:

Will you:

  1. Treat the boats as your own?
  2. Respect the clubs values and that Safety is Non Negotiable?
  3. Not drive the boats in a reckless manner?
  4. Wont drive under the influence of drugs?


Additional Background check:

  1. Have you been declared bankrupt?
  2. Have you been charged with a criminal offense?
  3. Do you have a medical condition that may put you at risk joining the club?


If you’re moving on the right track with these questions, we invite you to fill out and see our background check for prospect members by clicking here: