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Sunseeker Portifino 47, “The Boss”

Sunseeker Portifino 47, “The Boss”

Sunseeker Portofino 47, “The Boss”

Platinum Membership


Pleasure Cruising Club is pleased to announce the arrival of the Princess V58 luxury cruiser under our Platinum Partnership program. The vessel is to be used exclusively by Platinum members only. However Platinum members may use any class vessel in the club. Class B to Class  Members do not have access rights to this vessel.


The Sunseeker Portofino provides huge entertainment space with front and rear sunbeds and a hydraulic full-length sunroof and duckboard to experience the sea air.

The vessel is equipped with twin Cummins 550HP diesel and has a top speed of 33 knots. Two separate berths and roomy lounge with satellite TV offers the perfect get away for your family and friends. 

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Platinum Rate Sheet Down Load Here : 

Sunseeker Portifino 47, \"The Boss\" Platinum Membership Rate