Free Boat Rides on the 3rd of October 2010! |

How about trying out some REE SPORTS CRUISER RIDES on October 3rd?!

From 1:00pm to 5:00pm, proceed to Waterfront City Marina, Docklands. Bring the family for market day this Sunday! There are a variety of things to do just like test driving a sports cruiser. See firsthand how you can “live the boating lifestyle” without the need to buy a boat. If you’re of the many who are interested in boating with luxury sports cruiser, but don’t want the hassles of boat ownership, this is the best place for you. Inspect our three sports cruisers side by side, join the club on the day and receive FREE training valued at over $50o!

Get to know our sports cruisers–

Sunrunner Sports Cruiser 28: Capacity of 6 people
Sea Ray Sports Cruiser 32: Capacity of 14 people
Mustang Sports Cruiser 38 Royal: Capacity of 12 people

Why join?

Nothing beats cruising with family and friends while having the BBQ on a luxury sports cruiser.  And you don’t even have to about clean up afterwards. What a fantastic lifestyle choice!

Ain’t convinced yet? Read on to know more about our offer.

-People in business can dazzle their clients and employees on the water.
-Catering provided for those special occasions.
-Get to experience a range of sports cruisers depending on your budget!
-Fleet support is readily available whenever you need help.
-Don’t buy the boat and no worries about massive depreciation.
-No long-term agreements!
-No waiting at boat ramps!
-No berthing fees!
-No need to handle repairs and maintenance!
-Have the optional quarterly payment plan.
-Go through comprehensive training on the use of our vessels.

Our timeshare memberships are the following:

Crew: Cruise from one hour to a day on a sports cruiser of your choice!
Indigo: Up to 8 days a year
Bronze: Up to 15 days a year
Silver: Up to 30 days a year + 60 standby days at a half rate
Gold: Up to 30 days a year + unlimited FREE standby days

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