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Locking in a buddy plan for when you go out in the water is crucial. In some situations, it can be a matter of life and death.

Here’s an educational article from transportsafety.vic.gov.au about the importance of locking in a buddy plan.

Every member of Pleasure Cruising club has us as their ‘buddy’ on the ground. We are closely monitoring all boat movements and always on standby for when our members need help.

“I found myself upside down in the water all of a sudden… I pulled my lifejacket and swam for what felt like forever but only seconds at the same time.”
– Josh

If while boating or kayaking, you unexpectedly end up in cool Victorian waters, you may quickly find yourself in an emergency situation with nobody else around and no way to call for help.

Always let someone know where you are going on your boat or kayak, including your point of departure and when you plan to return. Include details about your craft’s appearance and registration. If your plans change, let someone know.

Arrange a plan with your buddy – agree a trigger time for them to call 000 if they can’t get hold of you and you haven’t returned.

Emergency services can then task a marine search and rescue unit to come to your assistance – the sooner your buddy raises the alarm, the sooner you can be saved.


Here’s why

  • You may fall in the water unexpectedly, so you need to be ready.
  • If you suddenly enter the water, your emergency gear could be out of reach or rendered unusable.
  • Arrange for your land buddy to alert emergency services sooner rather than later – every minute in the water counts.

Here’s how

  • Give your buddy details of your trip as well as a description or photo of your vessel, vessel registration number and details of the number of passengers on board. This will assist emergency services, should the need arise.
  • You can also supply the Coast Guard with all your information using the SafeTrx app.
  • See if the local marine search and rescue organisation provides a log on and log off service.