Planning to have an adventurous trip with your family and friends?

Whether you are a boating enthusiast or its your first boating experience, there are some ideas to make your boating experience amazing. Enjoy our Mustang Sports Cruiser which offers luxury boating compared to your standard hire boat in Melbourne including kitchen, BBQ facilities and Bathroom on board.

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The clear sunny sky is ideal for making your boating experience euphoric.

There are many places to explore and new things to try on water.

Looking for some great entertainment ideas? We have compiled a list of amazing ideas to provide an ultimate experience.


Going for luxury boating in open waters is incomplete without fishing. Boating can relax you, but fishing will make your day.

Helping your child in fishing, imparting your fishing technique to the kids, taking pictures with a big hunt are some of the great ways to bond with the family.

No need to buy some fancy equipment, just a rod, bait and lures and a storage for anything you catch.

Fishing Boat


A perfect boat opens up an unlimited number of opportunities to explore the underwater life.
Luxury boat will provide you the perfect chance and way to feel the underwater habitat, get your snorkel mask and goggles, wetsuit , some flippers and find some calm and peaceful spot to anchor the boat.
Jump into the water and get ready to say hi to underwater life. Enjoy your own snorkelling adventure.


Remember the renowned aqua park, where waterslides are available on different heights, providing an exciting experience.
Imagine that exciting waterslide in open water, yes, we know this sounds ultimate.

On a luxury boat you get a chance to experience an inflatable water slide. It’s the greatest way to have your own small water park anywhere on cruise.


In addition to inflatable toys, superpool have become popular.
A luxury boat will provide you a fully inflatable unit and provides great benefit of spending a quiet time away from others with your kids and family members.

Team event

To run a successful company involves in-house executive meetings and on-site team building.

You can reach employee engagement objectives in an impressive and elegant setting away from the workplace.

It will develop team communication skills and communication is essential when you and your team are on board.


Jumping into water with your family and friends is the universally approved way for fun, but why not take it to the next level and have your fun in the waves.

You can throw a top notch party on a luxury boat.

Whether it’s your 25th birthday, marriage anniversary or any celebration, you can multiply your happiness and bonding with your loved ones, with a top notch party.

Party on a boat is something really exciting and amazing.

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These are some of the unforgettable ideas that you should not miss.

Lets make your boating experience amazing.