May 2008 Newsletter |


Mark your calendar- Members Day on SUNDAY (15th JUNE 2008)!!!


Safety Skills, BBQ and Networking

Join us at Anchorage Marina on Sunday, 15th  of June, at 11:00am to 3:00pm for a get-together and a BBQ on the boat. We’ll also be discussing safety issues as part of our ongoing member training.We will be providing food and beverages and members will be charged with a nominal fee. Limited spots are available for non-members.

For catering purposes, please RSVP through 0390053726 or send an e-mail to

We look forward to seeing you all on that day!


Learn to Fish at Port Phillip Bay in your Own Boat with an Expert

Ever wanted to fish like an expert? Well, now you can! Paul Pingiaro has a team of guides, who can take you out on your own boat and show you the ropes. They can guarantee to catch you a feed of fish!

If you have a boat, this is a great way to get onto the fish and learn about your craft, without the hours of frustration. This is a day that can supply every strategy you need! Learn how to catch your own bait. Familiarize yourself with the secrets of how to consistently catch snapper, squid, whiting and many other species. Discover the hot tips and hot spots that will have you catching quality fish over and over again.

Your guides have over twenty years of fishing experience. They are recognized fishing writers, adventure fishing guides and tackle developers. You will learn about marine electronics, bait catching, bait presentation, boat handling, fishing techniques, and catch cleaning plus hot spot recognition.

You get eight hours of fishing with a very friendly and patient local expert and keep all the catch.  You can arrange to use the guide’s fishing gear. Maximize GPS hotspots (the ones your guide uses), valuable fishing tips, hard copy of the lessons, advice on GPS and sounders.

These courses run all year round! Species of fish you can catch – snapper, squid, flathead, pike, gummy shark, red mullet, salmon, garfish and more!

Supply your boat and we will depart from a location nearest to you such as Pier 35, St. Kilda, Martha Cove, Mornington or Carrum. Our guide will meet you at your boat, let you drive as he put you on the spots and enter them into your GPS. You can fish for eight hours and chase everything from snapper to squid. You can learn other fishing techniques, as well.

Key topics we cover:

-Use of GPS and sounder

-Knots and -igs


-How to best bag a brace of fish

-Bait and bait presentation

-Boat handling


$360 Inc GST for 3 people in Boats over 5.5 meters – 8 hours

$180 Inc GST for half day 4 hours (1 tide change).

For bookings, call Paul Pingiaro through 0417 551 373 or send an e-mail to

Special Offer for Pleasure Cruising Club Members – 10% discount!


Port Phillip Bay Fishing Report

Port Phillip Bay is one of the largest tidal lagoons in Australia covering over 2,000 square kilometers with a maximum depth of 30 meters. With a variety of different habitats for many species, fishing is available as a pastime all year round.

Even though winter is nearing,  there are still plenty of fish to catch around, if you know where to look.

Port Melbourne – Under Westgate Bridge

Good-sized breams are available taking squid and pipis. Perfect time to catch them is between 2:30pm and 7:00pm.


There are plenty of squid still being caught in early mornings and evenings just using lures.

Mornington Peninsula to Portsea Pier

Rock Flathead are coming in to inshore reefs from Mornington to Portsea Pier.

Satisfying numbers of flatties are taking prawn and pipis.

Dromana, Portsea Pier, Port Nepean and Queenscliff

Schools of King George Whiting are now making their way down to the heads, but good catches are still available. The clearer the water, the more chance you have of scoring. Whitings are fond of mussels, squid, pipis and sandworm.

Rosebud and Blairgowrie

Catches of small pinkie snapper have been between Rosebud and Blairgowrie.


More exciting updates coming soon!