Members Day and Christmas Celebrations |

Members Day on Sunday, September 28th saw a great turnout of old and new members. There were lots of partners and kids present for the trip, which after all, is what Pleasure Cruising is all about – getting out on the water with family and friends and having a fun, safe time!

Prior to setting off for Sandringham Yacht Club for lunch, we took the time to have a briefing on setting way points on the GPS. Our skipper for the day, Dan, also did a run through of the new fuelling procedures for Pier 35, which is back in action again. Only one person is allowed aboard during the re-fuelling process and passengers must disembark and wait at the marshalling point specially allocated on the dock.

Also, traffic lights started to operate again at the mouth of the Yarra where dredging continues. With that, boat traffic must obey the lights. There can be lengthy waits due to cargo vessels navigating the same water way.

We also welcomed Bill Coon on board as a new PCC Team Member. Bill will be assisting Gary in marketing and operations. Being a serious boatie from way back and a yachtie, we’re confident Bill will be a great asset to the club.

It was good to see all the kids with their life jackets on as we pulled out of Anchorage for the quick trip across the bay to Sandringham. A fresh breeze had risen and the Mustang provided everyone on board with an exhilarating ride.

Once at the yacht club, we made our way to a private dining area and settled in for a very pleasant lunch time. Everyone took the time to introduce themselves and get to know one another. A perfect opportunity to swap boat stories and share information!

A suggestion from Matt Hollard, one of PCC’s new members, was that a few of the newies should get together and go out one day. It would be a great way to gain confidence, practice a few manoeuvres and share the cost of fuel!

With the weather improving every week, so is the fishing. We have it on good authority that there is a great little fishing spot on a small reef just outside the Williamstown Football Club. Apparently, there are heaps of good flatties and squid galore, but you’ve got to be there early at high tide with pilchards, the preferred bait. And a tip with the squid, get them into a bucket quickly, while avoiding their beaks, as the ink can stain fibreglass.

A reminder to members who may have family or friends interested in trying a PCC membership:  There is a great summer season offer for those just wishing to try out being a timeshare member. We have a great “Summer Membership Special” available from now until the end of 2009. For just $4,500, summer members can receive enough points for fourteen days between the hours of 3:30pm and 8:30am the next day. Great for fishing, relaxing and just cruising gently- taking full advantage of late summer afternoons on the water! For more information, please send us a message through

Our next Members Day will be the last get-together for the year so please mark Sunday. 7th of December, for our Christmas celebration. We’ve decided to take the boats for a slow cruise on the Yarra to Docklands where we will have delightfully catered lunch and a little Christmas cheer on board. Looking forward to see you all on 7th December, 2008! Please send your confirmation through an e-mail.

It has been wonderful getting to know you and your families. Best wishes from Pleasure Cruising Club! An exciting 2009 to everyone!