Buy a Boat

Nick considered buying a boat. However, due to lack of time he dived into the step on and off service provided by the club, instead.

“Pleasure Cruising’s walk on/off service gives me more time to enjoy boating with my family and friends,” says Nick Riewoldt.

What a privilege to serve football legend, Nick Riewoldt! He’s the captain of St. Kilda Football Club  who has become the latest member of  Pleasure Cruising.

Our step on and off service fits Nick perfectly. For a busybody like him, it provides ample time and  fun with the sports cruiser of his choice. As soon as he comes down to the marina, the boat is prepared, cleaned and fuelled. At the end of the day,  Nick has the comfort of bringing the boat back to the marina. We take care of the rest!

You, too, can have enjoy the same quality experience! Join the club!