Yarra River Cruise |


Come and join us at Waterfront City Marina for a cruise! See and experience the city lights and the Melbourne waterways at night on our luxury boat, Mustang 38ft Royal Cruiser. One of the amazing things about cruising at night is the crystal clear water. Get to see it with us! Aside from entertainment, sumptuous snacks and drinks will be served, too.

We can definitely help you live the dream and enjoy the lifestyle of luxury boating without the high cost of boat ownership. Call us now and make a reservation!


Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Location: Waterfront City Marina, Berth C4

Date: 4th of May 2011

Just a reminder: The occurrence of this event will be based on weather conditions. So, please expect a notice a day before.


Executive Fishing Excursions

At Pleasure Cruising’s Fishing Adventures we put the member’s needs first. We provide the best of everything for our members, who can fish in style with the comfort of the stunning  Mustang 38ft Luxury Cruiser.

The Mustang luxury boat is fully equipped with onboard toilet, shower, two double sized beds and a kitchen anyone will love! All needed fishing gears are provided. Food and beverage service is also available. You can BBQ your fresh catch of the day on the boat. That’ll be fun!

To make our fishing adventures even better, we’ve joined forces with Savage Seas Adventures. Executive guide,  Charlie Micallef, has several years of fishing and diving experiences under his belt. He definitely has the knowledge and expertise to satisfy even the harshest critics. You name the fish species and you’ll know how to catch it.

When fishing, bring  a jacket, hat, sun glasses and a smile! To make your fishing adventure happen, send a message to henry@pleasurecruising.com.au.