Entertain on Princess V58

Limited Platinum Memberships on Princess V58! Join Now!

Making boating affordable from $588 per month

Luxury cruising without the stress and high costs!

Snapper Fishing Adventures

Fish in a classy way with the comfort of Riviera Sports Yacht!

Take your Family and Friends Out

Party at the Docklands or have BBQ on the boat!

Why buy the boat, when you can use ours from $580 per month

Imagine swimming off the cruiser at St. Kilda, staying overnight at Portsea, fishing off Sorrento or visiting Queenscliff for the weekend.

Princess V58 “Lovin Life” Joins The Club

Princess V58 Platinum Memberships

Pleasure Cruising Club is pleased to announce the arrival of the Princess V58 luxury cruiser under our Platinum Partnership program. The vessel is to be used exclusively by Platinum members only. However Platinum members may use any class vessel in the club.

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Why Boat Share Membership is the Smartest Way to Sail

Have you ever passed by luxury boats all tied up at St. Kilda and the Docklands, and wonder, how often do they actually go out? The answer is not too often at all! Read More

Want a Gift for the Man Who Has Everything?

How about a boat membership and with  surprise  sunset cruise and a overnight stay on your club cruiser with a bottle of Moe? Read More

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VIP STAR墨市首次肚皮舞大赛火辣登陆本周六


Queenscliff is a good place to do everything. It just perfectly releases all your tensions and stresses from work. Besides, it is a great place to go Fishing!

Pleasure Cruising Club has added another stellar destination for your next Melbourne Cruise boating trip! Welcome to the playground of the West- Wyndham Harbour.