Our Services

Our Services

PCC Boat Management Trading as

Pleasure Cruising Group 
ACN 142731155



Our commitment is to serve the best interest of our members by providing great self-drive boats and supporting services.  Pleasure Cruising Group  has been delivering with excellence since 2007. We began with only one boat and our success with guests  has allowed our fleet to grow to over 12  boats across two platforms. Members invest a low monthly subscription fee for use of our Mustang 28 Cruiser or “pay as you sail” with no long term agreements. We have a  wide range of luxury boats. Our fleet contains top notch boats such as Mustang and Riviera, boats built to high standards of safety and comfort that offer exceptional member enjoyment, service and support.

Our Vision

“To be the ultimate provider of diverse  boat experiences in Melbourne. 

Our Mission

– Allow our Guests s to have a great range of divers  boats to enjoy
– Give our guests  more time do to what they love
– Provide our guests  with the best range of boating experiences in Melbourne
– Remove the uncertainty of “hidden costs”  of boat ownership 

Our Values

  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Commerciality
  • Fun

Our Services

VIP Melbourne Boat Charter

Enjoy a professionally manned vessel with our boutique charter service.  Our Riviera “Voodoo” is now a commercially registered vessel allowing up to 12 passengers with up to 12 guests or “Mustang Sally” up t0 8 guests self drive. 


Aquadonut BBQ Boats

Have a BBQ party on a “donut boat” up to ten guests. With over 70,000 facebook fans our Aquadonuts are  available as a self drive boat and no boating license is require.  


Boat Rental and Self Drive Services

Enjoy self drive our  100HP  speed boats ,Mary or Speedy  either for the unlicensed or licensed driver.  Or  self drive  our Mustang 28 Sports Cruiser “Sally” with both short and long term plans available. 

Skipper School

Learn how to drive a Sports Cruiser vessel with professional skippers safely in the Bay.  To learn more about our skipper school that provides one on one training visit us at: