How does the boat club work?

Pleasure Cruising Club Inc. is an incorporated club in Victoria managed by a committee. It’s also easy to join!  You apply for a membership like joining an AFL, golf club or a tennis club. Once you are a member and have completed your boat handling training you have access to our luxury sports cruisers. You don’t have to acquire shares in our cruisers, you’re not tied into a long-term contract. The arrangement is you share the boat with other club members. However, it can be “your boat” for the day. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share your boating experience with family and friends. The amount you pay in membership determines how many boating days you have access to. You book the luxury boat of your choice through our easy-to-use online system. Memberships can be paid monthly by Visa, MasterCard or direct debit. It’s that simple!   Learn more about how easy it is to join following our five steps.

What is the value of your membership investment?

Our membership plan is more affordable than you think. It’s actually great value compared to the hassles of owning a boat. You may enjoy our entry level Sunrunner 28 Sports Cruiser “Reckless”  or our top of the range of Riviera Sports Cruiser for a fraction of the cost of boat ownership. We can also design a membership type that suits your budget. So call and make an appointment for a sea trial.  So what is the cost of owning a boat? Check out our video!


Who are our members?

Pleasure Cruising members come from many different spheres in the society. They are tradies, truckies, small business owners, sales directors, IT professionals, doctors, lawyers, teachers, footy players, CEOs, finance brokers, insurance consultants and government employees. Many of them have never tried boating before. Some have owned a boat and after joining Pleasure Cruising, made a vow to never own a boat again.

luxury boat hire members


Do I pay for fuel?

Yes. The boats are provided with a full tank, but you pay for the fuel you use just like in car rentals. On the completion of your day, we fill the boat for the next use.

What power boat operators course is provided?

We only allow our timeshare members to use our vessels on the following conditions:

  • When valid current boat license is presented
  • Timeshare members’ hands-on course and tests completion (Skills include parking, emergency radio work, navigation GPS, ropes and refuelling the boat.)
  • Members’ willingness to go through an optional night training course

Pleasure Cruising ensures that all instructors have considerable years of boating experience.

Do you provide safety gear?

We provide Personal Floatation Devices (PFD’s) for adults and children at all times. We also allot ship-to-shore radios, flares and satellite tracking devices. All vessels have GPS, which shows the boat’s position and water depth. Proper use of all the safety gear, especially in emergency cases, is covered in personal training we conduct.

What other expenses do I have to pay for?

You don’t pay for insurance, maintenance, berth fees, cleaning, boat depreciation and the boat. All those are included in your yearly membership plan. You just pay for the initial entrance fee, which includes ten hours of on the water instruction and for fuel usage.

How do I know there will be availability when I join?

We have a quota system in place to ensure that the membership ratio to boat availability is not exceeded. If the quota is reached, we create a waiting list to check if all members have the chance to use the boat. Also, there is a sixty-day reservation limit to make sure that members who join later are not disadvantaged by those who have joined earlier. Our point allocation system ensures there is sufficient use through peak periods. For more details, please look at our members’ rate sheet. Watch this Video “how the point system works

Do I need to reserve the boat in advance when I join the club?

No. Unlike a boat share or boat syndication arrangement, you have total flexibility to make a reservation whenever you want the boat. The club uses a point system which makes boat access fair.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my reservation?

We can’t control the weather – sadly ! But we have a bad weather cancellation clause and you can reschedule to a later date when the weather is more to your liking.

Can I buy a boat and place it in your club?

Yes, you can, if it meets our stringent safety requirements and only if your boat is a luxury brand. No petrol vessels are considered. Why not ask about our investor program. Note that Rivieras are built to survey standards and are readily accepted in our club.

Can we stay overnight on the boats or take the boat away for the weekend?

Of course! Many members just enjoy staying at New Quay marina overnight because of its charming location with many restaurants around the marina. Other members take the boat and stay in seclcuded and interesting places around the bay. Queenscliff is very popular because of its location with a brand new marina and a convenient ten-minute walk to the centre of town.

How is corporate membership different from a private one?

Corporate membership means that the boat can be used by all of the employees of the company, as long as they have completed our skipper school training.

Can I syndicate my membership and join with a friend?

Yes, you can! We have members who share their GOLD membership, which is cost effective. It gives the members unlimited FREE standby days as opposed to two bronze memberships. A standby day is when you reserve the boat on the day.

Can we use the club’s cruisers for a couple of hours?

Absolutely! Get to know the details about our restricted crew memberships. We can assign a club member to drive you around.

Do I have to clean the boat after use?

No. Just hand back the keys and we will have it cleaned before your next return. However, we ask you to be tidy and considerate and treat the boat as if it’s your own property.

Can I Fish of a Boat

Yes. Complimentary rods are provided.