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Luxury Boating

The club does not offer luxury boat hire. However, you can use our luxury boats with  low cost subscription fee. Great deals go with being an exclusive member! You can get more boats for a lot less money compared to buying a boat in Melbourne. Call it smarter luxury boating. Also, you can experience not just one boat, but the whole fleet!

It’s your luxury boat for the day!

On our range of luxury boats, there are no hire boat or boat for hire advertising, no branding and no charter boat advertising. When you take your guests on board, it’s your boat for the day. You are not paying for the boat hire or boat charter advertising. The boats are constantly updated and are kept in a great condition. Our luxury boats can definitely impress your family and friends. Imagine yourself anchored off a beach, having a BBQ on a nice summer day and swimming off the back of the boat with the people closest to you. Nothing can top that!

No ongoing costs or long-term commitment

Know your exact annual boating costs, with no hidden charges. On top of your annual fee,  all you have to pay for is your fuel consumption. Good Another good thing is that membership is renewable every year. It means you are not locked into an arrangement for a long period of time. Become a member and you don’t need to outlay $200,000 – $950,000 for boating costs!

Traps of boat syndication

With many boat syndicates, there are many hidden costs, which may not be disclosed.  We know of  a syndicate owner who paid  tens of thousands for damage or for unforeseen breakdown. Also, the syndicate owner buys a percentage of the boat, so there is a substantial capital layout. The boat syndication owner does not know what the exit price or resale value of the boat is. It’s a long-term agreement is a minimum of  three years. The capital loss may be more than 50% on disposal of the boat. There is extensive ongoing monthly fees. Anyone considering boat syndication should read the fine print regarding their liability in case of impact damage.


Members of Pleasure Cruising are able to try out all the boats within the club. Small or large boats for parties, take a pick and we can prepare them for you!

Online booking system

For convenience, we have an online booking system where members can book, cancel and switch boats within their own club just by logging onto our website.

“Walk-on – Walk-away” service

Joining Pleasure Cruising is completely hassle-free.  We offer nothing but clean and fuelled boats for cruises. After use, cleaning and maintenance are on us.

Safety first and fleet support

Don’t worry  if you’re an inexperienced boater.  We can give comprehensive instructions in boat handling skills. Inclusive in every club membership is an in-depth training course to ensure members’ confidence and competence on the water. Remember, there is no RACV on the water. We provide 24/7 fleet support.