John Clifford

Boat Share Melbourne vs. Club Membership

Pleasure Cruising offers luxury boat membership with a yearly arrangement in Melbourne. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to get into luxury boating and share your boating experience with others. It has an additional convenience of having the step on and off service. You get more boat for less money! Effortless booking of our luxury boats can be done online. There is no long-term commitment and at the end of one year, our members can decide not to sign for a membership renewal.

IMG_1624Boat Share Melbourne

“No Mechanical Expenses”

A boat share, boat syndication or boat fractional ownership is a long-term arrangement where you buy a percentage of the boat. There is no exit strategy in a boat share agreement. Part of it is a yearly substantial levy, which can vary as a result of damage or unforeseen circumstances. Not-so-good news is that you are the one responsible for paying all damages caused by other boat share users. There is an unlimited financial exposure. Also, under a boat share or boat syndication arrangement, you have to book your reservations a year in advance and there is limited flexibility with cancellations due to unfavorable weather conditions. At the end of the boat share arrangement, the exit costs can be really high because of the massive depreciation of the boat. You may have a substantial outlay to meet the short fall on disposal of the boat.

But, with the club, it’s so simple to join and share your boating experience with others!