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Powerboat Operator Training
Skipper School

At Pleasure Cruising Club, we take powerboat operator training seriously. We know of many stories where new boaties take their power boat out for the first time, run aground or run out of fuel.  Berthing accidents also happen, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Before you can take one of our boats on a maiden voyage, you must attend our  power boat operators  courses. On the water, there is no RACV or NRMA  to provide waterside assistance to power boat owners. However, the club provides  fleet support and  a contact number you can reach if you have any questions while out on the bay.

Current Maritime Law Concerning Powerboats

The advantage of what a boat club supplies is the level of powerboat operator training provided.  Current maritime law means that if you hold a boat license, you can drive a luxury boat up to seventy feet without any practical assessment. In our club, we provide full hands-on training. We include valuable boating skills such as:

-Berthing practice: How to park a boat and avoid impact damage with the marina

-Navigation practice

-Anchoring technique

-Safety management

-Lines and fenders

-Weather impact on boating

So, if you wish to learn more about power boating lessons in Melbourne or Sydney the safe way, come and join the club!