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Pay as You Go Cruiser

Bare Boat Charter  A Mustang Sports Cruiser !
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Lock in a Buddy Plan

Locking in a buddy plan for when you go out in the water is crucial. In some situations, it can be a matter of life and death.

Here’s an educational article from transportsafety.vic.gov.au about the importance of locking in a buddy plan.

Every member of Pleasure Cruising club has us as their ‘buddy’ on the ground. We are closely monitoring all boat movements and always on standby for when our members need help.

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Our Values are Non-Negotiable; Safety First, Integrity, Teamwork, Commerciality, Fun     V30-12-18
“When I See the Problem I Own The Problem I Fix The Problem”

Below The Line Behaviors: “Excuse Blame Denial”

Fuel and Engine Hours Report

Boat4hire Customer Briefing Report

Boat4hire Post Hire Report

Open Shop Checklist

End of Day Checklist Report


Equipment Handover Report
(To Include Swab Keys, Crew Member Keys, ipads, Fishing Rods etc)

Boat4Hire Pre-Check



Aqua Donut Customer Briefing Report
AquaDonut pre-check report

AquaDonut After-Check



Hospitality Check 

Refuel & Engine Hours Check

Members Pre-Check Repaort

Members Post-Check

Crew Members Check Report


Monthly Checks

Safety Check Lists Report

To Be Completed Within 24Hrs of a Incident – Non Negotiable 

Incident Report 








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pcc apps

Our Values are Non-Negotiable; Safety First, Integrity, Teamwork, Commerciality, Fun     V16-12-18
“When I See the Problem I Own The Problem I Fix The Problem”

Open Shop Checklist

End of Day Check List


Equipment Handover
(To Include Swab Keys, Crew Member Keys, ipads, Fishing Rods etc)

Boat4Hire Pre-Check

Boat4Hire Customer Briefings

Boat4Hire After Check


AquaDonut Customer Briefing

AquaDonut pre-check

AquaDonut After-Check



Refuel & Engine Hours Check

Members Pre-Check

Members Post-Check Report

Crew Members Check


Monthly Checks

Safety Check Lists 

Job Card

Incident Log: To Be Reported Immediately on Incident Occurring with photo


Hospitality Check List

Pre-Check List

Guest Briefing





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Crew Members


Pleasure Cruising Club

Crew Member
First Name*
Last Name*
Mobile Phone*
Lead Source




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PCC Member Review

PCC Member Review

Class 2 Gold Member: Vladimir Milovic

Vlad joins the Pleasure Cruising Club after doing extensive research either buying a boat or sharing a boat. Being time poor professional, Vlad and his family enjoys the step on and off service and has limited boating days to enjoy. Having to maintain a boat with the hidden costs was not a option.  What Vlad was concerned about was safety. In Victoria there is no mandatory boat training and the club provides both boat licensing and “one on one”  Sports Cruise on going training for members. The club has over 10,000 training hours and have been certified by Yachting Victoria. Vlad completed his training and is confident to enjoy boating in the bay with the family.

To find out more please visit here

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pcc forms

Pleasure Cruising Club Section

Membership Agreement

Club Rules 

Induction Manual

Ezidebit Form

NAB Form

Member Checklist Form

Boat Preparation Form

Insurance Reduction Waiver

Crew Membership – Code of Conduct

Hospitality Checklist – Member to PCC

For PCC Members: Hospitality Survey



Aqua Donut Section

Hire Agreement

Briefing Form

Manifest Check List


Boat4Hire Section

Hire Agreement

Briefing Checklist 

Manifest Check List 





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Docklands Firelight Festival in 2017

Docklands Firelight Festival in 2017

The Docklands Firelight Festival takes the traditions of a winter solstice and combines this with a modern celebration of arts, music, food, fire and fun.

Attendees can expect roving performers from fire breathers and dancers to drummers and musicians. Each night, the festivities will culminate with an impressive fire display – a large effigy will be set alight with a fireworks display as the backdrop. 

Luxury cabin cruisers from Pleasure Cruising Club docked at the perfect location for the Docklands Firelight Festival. Book a boat now, be ready for 30/06/2017 to02/07/2017




84 Newquay Promenade
Docklands VIC 3008

Contact details



Dates and times

30/06/2017 to 02/07/2017

Fri: 5pm – 9pm
Sat: 5pm – 9pm
Sun: 5pm – 9pm



0390053726 or +61413842253


How to get there

Public Transport Victoria


All ages



Wheelchair accessible

Accessible toilet

Ramp access

Step-free access


“Members Only Luxury Cruising”

                                    – Pleasurecruising.com.au

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Port Phillip Boating Weather


Port Phillip Boating Weather

Now you can see the boating conditions from where every you are. We recommend for good boating:

1. Winds up to 20knots

2. Northly Winds stay no more than 4 nautical miles from St Kilda

3. Less than 1.5 meters

Melbourne bayside beaches

Altona – Foreshore at Altona Yacht Club
Beaumaris – Bay at Beaumaris Yacht Club
Carrum – Views from the Carrum Sailing and Motor Boat Club
Elwood – Beach and bay view from Sailing Club
Mordialloc – Mordialloc Creek at Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club
Port Melbourne – Webb Dock, Sandridge Beach, Swanson Dock and Station Pier
Sandringham – Marina views from Sandringham Yacht club
St Kilda – Marina Reserve, foreshore and skate park
St Kilda West – View of the popular windsurfing beach
St Kilda Marina – On top of the lighthouse
Williamstown – View across Hobsons Bay from Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

For Weather forecasts:

1. Seabreeze

2. Bureau of Meterology


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Sunday Breakfast in Docklands with a difference | Docklands Boat Hire

Sunday Breakfast in Docklands with a difference | Docklands Boat Hire

Breakfast is on us! While you experience luxury boating in style with our Docklands boat hire!

If you’re passionate about boating and want to experience the luxury lifestyle on the water, why not come down and enjoy a couple of hours talking boats over a sumptuous cooked breakfast and a glass or two of champagne on one of our luxury cruisers, You’ll meet like minded people, members of our club, other potential new members and enjoy a half hour trial cruise on the Yarra on one of our luxury boats.

Be the first person to register each week and win a Melbourne City Chauffeured Car ride to and from Docklands for breakfast. How good is that, we’ll pick you up and breakfast you on one of our luxury cruisers while you have a ball, then we’ll drive you home again.

But as you can imagine, you’ll have to register very quickly to win this lucky prize. Register here NOW

Breakfast starts at 7.30 am – it’s early but we don’t want to take up all your day and you’ll be away by mid morning – unless you want to stay and play boats – rather than lawns, the choice is yours.

If you’re excited with your docklands boat hire experience and join the club on the day, you’ll get a 50% reduction on our entrance fee. Your entrance fee includes your boat licence training (if you don’t already have one) and our practical one -on- one boat handling course that will give you the knowledge, ability and confidence to take your luxury cruiser out into the bay.

We invite current members and potential new members to enjoy these mornings, so come and talk boats and tell stories while we serve you breakfast. You won’t be left hanging with nobody to talk to, this is a warm and friendly morning on the water where you’ll see why we are Melbourne’s best boat club.

Places are limited as you can imagine so register here as quick as you can

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