Pleasure Cruising Review by Channel 9 News

See Video News Content and Interviews with Trevor , “It’s a great set-up that really works well for us.”

Pleasure Cruising Club Review by Channel 9

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Boat-sharing is emerging as the latest trend for busy professionals who want to enjoy a weekend on the water without having to buy a vessel.

The idea was developed by the Pleasure Cruising Club, after research revealed many boat owners barely used their vessels.

Spotting a gap in the market, the Club started offering share boats which allow people to pay a monthly fee to take a boat from  16 days per year.

“We’re getting very much into the sharing economy. People are Uber-ing, Airbnb-ing … and boats are the next logical step,” Gary Freeman from Pleasure Cruising Club said

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But for boating enthusiasts such as Trevor White, the cost is well worth it.

“It is really a hotel, because when you check out you don’t have to change the bed, you don’t have to vacuum the floor … you just leave,” he said.

“It’s a great set-up that really works well for us.”



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