Queenscliff Fishing and Lunch Adventure |
Queenscliff Fishing and Lunch Adventure

Queenscliff is a good place to do everything. It just perfectly releases all your tensions and stresses from work. Besides, it is a great place to go Fishing!

Being a member of us, you will have the access to all Pleasure Cruising Club Member’s Events, which will offer you the best experience on the water: Queenscliff explore, fishing and lunch adventure, meeting new friends, family cruising time with joy and social networking for your business. You might think how you could join in an amazing club like this, visit Pleasure Cruising Club to find out more.

Our values are safety, teamwork, excellence, passion and honesty. We have the best members in club, the most professional team to be your personal PCC Points supervisor. Click here Point System Youtube to find out how the point system works.

You have been driving and flying, now, it’s about time to get onto the water! Because you deserve a luxury life like this!





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