cost of boat ownership

Have you ever passed by luxury boats all tied up at St. Kilda and the Docklands, and wonder, how often do they actually go out? The answer is not too often at all!

Generally, people aren’t able to go out boating as much as they’d like to, probably because of life’s commitments getting in the way. Boat owners have their share of guilt. Each week goes by with their boats sitting unused and money left wasted on a depreciating equity. The Boating Industry Association did a survey and found the average use of a boat is only 16 days a year.

Today, more and more people are migrating to a boat share solution as a more practical way to sail their dream luxury boat. In Pleasure Cruising’s case, you can be a recognized club member for a price that’s far below the cost of outright purchasing of a yacht  (See Below). Membership is very affordable. It even allows people to enjoy an appealing lifestyle from as little as $580 to $3,500 per month, depending on membership type.

The club takes care of all maintenance and cleaning headaches, leaving you with a boat all ready to go. Mind you, it’s a boat with laundered sheets, fresh towels, fueled tank and 24/7 assistance- if that’s exactly what you need!

The club even has a spare boat so if your designated boat is not available you have three other boats to choose from.

This is what luxury boating should be – inviting deck perfect for bathing under the sun’s rays.

To get an understanding what the cost for a $200,000 boat is review  this video:

Whats the Cost of Boat Ownership

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