Experience Luxury Boating Before Deciding to Become a Member |

Your family is an important part in decisions on whether or not join a membership like Pleasure Cruising. All decision makers should agree that the time and money that you’d be spending on your membership will truly make it worthwhile.

That’s why we offer the following services to help you decide. Trial the membership by:

Booking a cruise with a member driver

Whether it’s just for trialing or a day worth celebrating, use our boats for a few hours to get a feel of what it is like to become a Pleasure Cruising Club member. We can organise a fishing adventure or a lunch cruise for you and your group.


Booking an overnight stay

Equipped with complete amenities that you can find in a hotel, spend a night with your family on board one of our bigger vessels. Relax and wake up to the beautiful view of the marina. Make our boat your home away from home.

If you have enquiries on how to book these services, please contact us here.