Melbourne Summer Boat Show

For members serious about luxury boating, here’s a great deal in connection with the the Melbourne Summer Boat Show.  Join the club! Get 50% off  on our joining fee and enjoy a free quarter of boating. Wait, there’s more!  Take part in  a 10-hour skipper school training  with personalised instruction. This has been extended ’til the 23rd of February 2014. And don’t forget to reserve your weekend in Sydney Harbour on our Riviera “Fairview” at the show.


PCC GM Gary Freeman and The Hon. David Hodgett, MP

Minister of Melbourne Ports went out with Pleasure Cruising. We were pleased to take the minister for an introductory cruise on the club’s Riviera to see docklands from a water prospective during the summer boat show.  Gary Freeman, the GM of the club and  board member of the Boating Industry Association of Victoria, discussed a wide range of issues including boating infrastructure with other fellow board members. It was a very fruitful discussion. The minister came away with a positive view regarding recreational boating needs for infrastructure investment.


Members’ Quotes

“Luxury Boating is fun when you don’t have to clean the toilet after your friends.”

“I like the convenience of booking the boat and having it all done for me.”

“Our family enjoys more boat for much less money.”

“It’s just a  great idea sharing a boat with like-minded people.”

“I’d never buy a boat again, spoilt by services.”

“I can spend more time with my family and get the kids away from their freaking iPhones, iPods and computers.”

“Just fed up with 2-hour ramp waiting times of putting the boat in the water and then, out of the water and then, flushing the engines out.,”

So, come and join the club! We’re on display at the Melbourne Summer Boat Show! The Mustang “Show Pony” is newly built by the factory and  exclusively for Pleasure Cruising Club members to enjoy. This can accommodate ten passengers and considered as an outstanding diesel-powered sports cruiser. Memberships are limited,  join now! The Riviera 3600 “The Dazzler”  is an excellent fully enclosed sports cruiser with dining & entertainment on one level. The Riviera M400 “The Fairview”  is a great boat for entertaining and weekend escapades. So, share your boating experience with people you care for.  It sleeps five guests, by the way!

Expect prizes at the show and get to know about the “Follow the Sun” membership, which  gives you a chance to utilise Riviera in Sydney Harbour during the winter months. VIP Wine & Cheese Night Saturday happens after the show  on Feb 1st at 6:00pm.

Find out how you can share your boating experience with family and friends!

For people interested in the membership:


Friday 31st January 2014: 10am – 8pm

Saturday 1st February: 10am – 6pm

Sunday 2nd February: 10am – 5pm

Other attractions include rides for the kids and skeet shooting off the marina.