Take a Trip to Wyndham Harbour | Melbourne Cruise |
Take a Trip to Wyndham Harbour | Melbourne Cruise

Pleasure Cruising Club has added another stellar destination for your next Melbourne Cruise boating trip! Welcome to the playground of the West- Wyndham Harbour.

Join us for a member’s Melbourne Cruise to Wyndham Harbour and check out the new facilities. The harbour just opened for visitors this year and is Australia’s newest marina and beach. A great place to stay overnight, the location is just ten minutes’ drive from Werribee Zoo and offers easy access and safe anchorage.

It offers a relaxing bayside living with a whiff of luxury, the same way we strive to make PCC for you. With breathtaking scenery and year round activity, Wyndham Harbour offers the perfect destination by the water, with a sublime mix of lifestyle, community and a passion for all things nautical.

Make new friends and learn new skills. Stop on the way and enjoy some fishing.

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Cruise Schedule

Date: April 1, 2016

Departure: 10:30AM

Arrival: 3:30PM

Charge: Fuel, Refreshments & Lunch at $65 per person.

RSVP gem@pleasurecruising.com.au


Check out this navigation perspective for Wyndham Harbour!