Recommended  Iphone Apps for Boaties. weatherzone Plus is a must  which provides a feed from the Bureau. Then having Navionics on a cellular ipad is a must to avoid groundings!

1. Navionics : A great map program at a fraction of the cost of installing it in your boat. Buying a IPAD with data is a better deal than buying hardware for inland waters. Offshore waters you will need a satellite uplink

2. Weatherzone+: Weather alerts from the Bureau of Meteorology is a must to go boating in Port Phillip Bay.

3. Seabreeze: Provides a graphical representation of wind strenghts to pick low wind days

4. Shipfinder: Update on shipping movements in the Yarra

5.  Park My Yacht : Boat simulator learn how to park a sports cruiser!

What do we recommend for boaties?  W