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Coxy Says Buying a Boat’s a Bad Idea

Coxy  featured the club on TV’s  “Coxy’s Break”  recently. We enjoyed Coxy’s company on the water while the segment was produced on the Riviera Sports Cruiser.

What does Coxy has to say about the club and the facilities we provide?

Coxy was amazed with what our members receive with their membership. A leading insurance company research shows that the average boaties use their boats for just twenty days a year. When we disclosed the cost involved in buying and owning a boat, the savings of obtaining a membership was considerable.  To Coxy, we shared:

1. Mooring fees can reach up t0 10,000 in Melbourne and over $20,000 in Sydney
2. Engine repairs
3. Massive depreciation: Up to 50% of the boat value in 3 years
4. Cleaning up after each trip

Coxy said that a membership is a brilliant idea over buying a boat in Melbourne or Sydney. Just join the club, mate!

Listen to Coxy.