discover boating
Discover Boating

In a beautiful documentary, “A Legacy of Boating”, the value of family is captured by Discover Boating, a public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

The short film follows a father from the Ader household, who passes on his boating legacy to his family. As the camera pans across horizons that can only be seen from a boat, he communicates the spontaneity of boating and stories of discovery.

“A lot of times, it doesn’t have to be that we’re going somewhere,” he says. “Being on the boat is the destination.”

The mother conveys how a boat is like having a vacation at one’s fingertips – things become more beautiful on it. But more importantly, what the father hopes to pass down to his kids, Anderson and August, is the legacy that boating is an investment in building memories.

Discover Boating – A Legacy of Boating