Just got your boating license? | Pleasure Cruising

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So you have decided to get a boating license? That is great! Boating is not for everyone and we congratulate you for passing the test! Lots of fun adventures in the water awaits.

But first, you need a hands-on training on an actual vessel. A speed boat or a small starter cruiser.

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At Pleasure Cruising Club, we now offer one-on-one training to guests. With minimum of 2 hours at a starting rate of $175 per hour, you can now have a hands-on training on an actual boat. This opens a new door for your future water adventures!

luxury boat hire

Should you decide to join the club afterwards, we’ll give you a 50% off on your entrance fee as a little token for choosing Pleasure Cruising as your boating trainer.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a boat training today!