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Melbourne Boat Sales Effected by Ramp Nightmare

Melbourne Boat Sales Effected By Queue Nightmare

Trailer Boat Sales effected by Queues

“Up to 4 hours waiting time to launch a boat at Patterson Lakes and no place to park the car and trailer and get a parking ticket to top it off”.  Plus you get aggressive behaviour from impatient boaties if your a beginner who does not know how to back a trailer into the water which is very intimidating. Police have been called as a result of punch up with angry boaties venting their frustration. 

You don’t have to put up with this any more. Enjoy the step on and off service on a wet berth with no waiting time. Join the Club.




Nick Riewoldt, St Kilda  footy legend would never buy a boat “I’m time poor and can’t justify the costs and preparation time”





Vlad says “I looked at all the options and Pleasure Cruising Club is the only way to go luxury boating if your time poor and don’t want the hidden costs”

Come and visit us at docklands and review our fleet of luxury boats. Why buy a boat when you can use ours, A great range of luxury boats to choose from. Complimentary introductory lesson will be provided on boat handling techniques.

Enjoy Six Luxury Boats with the following benefits:

– Get more boat for less money
– Avoid the ramp rage waiting at boat ramps for up to 4 hours
– Enjoy the step on and off service
– Full training provided over 10,000 hours accrued
– Enjoy the best  brands, Mustang, Riviera and Sunseeker
– Established 10 years

We Guarantee no hidden costs:
– No mechanical repairs
– No cleaning the boat after your guests
– No depreciation costs around 17% per annum of the boat value
– No servicing costs
– No berthing costs
– No repowering old engines which will sink the budget big time

Check out our range of boats here  Mustang, Sunrunner, Riviera & Sunseeker 

Under our club membership program you don’t have to buy the boat just enjoy ours. Great off season specials to join the club. Enjoy 50% of our entrance fee and six months free as our Melbourne Boat Show Offer!

Contact us Today for a complimentary introductory lesson 

That’s why so many boats are for sale, one season of boating queues the wife and kids say no more!

Join the Club and avoid this…..


 Melbourne Boat Sales effected by a four hour wait at the ramp for many years and its getting worse!

It has been identified that the  Victoria Government , does not have an effective plan to address the infrastructure needs of the trailer boat owners.  Currently, there is no  agency or government department handling the responsibility and adequate resources for planning the needs of Melbourne’s recreational boat owners. Boat sales is hampered by lack of infrastructure spending with boat owners giving up waiting at queues at boat ramps. The Government is stealing $21 million dollars in boat license fees and registrations not putting it back into the Boating industry. 

Market research shows that there are over 2,200 registered trailer boats in Victoria. If  at least 3%  of those boats go on the water on the same day, you may get a nasty surprise- long queue at the boat ramps during summer, as the infrastructure is not able to handle the influx. Trailer boat owners wait up to two hours from 2:00 am in the morning just to get their boat launched. There is also a lack of parking facilities with trailers. Worse news is about the council fining the car owners with trailers.

Believe it or not? Go to any of the most popular boat ramps on a weekend and witness the frustrations of  trailer boat owners.  Many of them, after a while, just give up and leave their boats in the garage. There has been a government policy vacuum over many years regarding infrastructure spending in Melbourne. Looks like the boating community has been ignored. You just have to look at the boats for sales churn rate. Research shows that the churn rate is such  that boat owners put up their boat for sale in Melbourne after two years.

Source: Boating Industry Association of Victoria

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The great thing about our luxury boating club in Melbourne is you can enjoy the “wet berth” facility. Step on and off on a range of  cruisers without the waiting times. It means more time of luxury boating. If you think of Pleasure Cruising like a golf club and  its subscription based to play golf instead of buying a golf course ,  you have the right picture in mind. No huge upfront payment is required just pay by the month. Join the Club 


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