Port Phillip Boating Weather

Now you can see the boating conditions from where every you are. We recommend for good boating:

1. Winds up to 20knots

2. Northly Winds stay no more than 4 nautical miles from St Kilda

3. Less than 1.5 meters

Melbourne bayside beaches

Altona – Foreshore at Altona Yacht Club
Beaumaris – Bay at Beaumaris Yacht Club
Carrum – Views from the Carrum Sailing and Motor Boat Club
Elwood – Beach and bay view from Sailing Club
Mordialloc – Mordialloc Creek at Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club
Port Melbourne – Webb Dock, Sandridge Beach, Swanson Dock and Station Pier
Sandringham – Marina views from Sandringham Yacht club
St Kilda – Marina Reserve, foreshore and skate park
St Kilda West – View of the popular windsurfing beach
St Kilda Marina – On top of the lighthouse
Williamstown – View across Hobsons Bay from Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

For Weather forecasts:

1. Seabreeze

2. Bureau of Meterology