Romantic Cruise and Overnight Stay Escape |

Imagine cruising off into the sunset with a special someone. Well, now you can. Our crew membership is available from an entrance fee that’s a small price to pay for some thrill with a  range of  sports cruiser boats in Melbourne by the hour, day or evening or for the year. And why not try our signature combo reservation? No boat license is required. As a matter of fact, you can even be escorted by our members.

The Riviera is regarded as one of the top luxury brands in boating. It boasts of two secluded V-Berths, air-conditioning & central heating for all seasons, plasma TV and ice maker. It also comes with an excellent layout for entertainment. That makes this vessel an amazing gift for a special occasion.

What’s our combo reservation? Imagine a surprise gift that includes a one-hour sunset cruise on a Riviera M400 Luxury Boat with an overnight stay for up to five guests. You can be driven by one of our members up and down the Yarra to St. Kilda at sunset with up to ten other guests. After the cruise, we leave you at the marina on the Riviera for an overnight stay. We let you savor that special moment with someone close or just party with your friends. All details can be pre-arranged to make it most memorable for you.

Inquire now and we can readily provide a crew membership certificate for you!