Speed Boat Affordable Memberships 299 Per Month |

With speedy membership you have the benefit of enjoying a Bow Rider that can take up to ten passengers. You don’t have to bother about filling in a hire agreement each time you take the boat out!

This membership enables you to drive two of our very own Polycraft Bow Rider up to 10 boating days a year for only 299 per month. One boat is equipped with 100 HP motor (10 passenger capacity) and the other one is with 100HP (8 passenger capacity).

You can take the boat out for a day or have it on the trailer for tow-away. You don’t have to worry about the boat being booked out or go through the hassle of booking it online, just email or call one of our staff and we’ll reserve your boat for you.



Entrance Fee: $450

Monthly: $299

Wet Berthed: Yes step on and off; 24hr boat access 

Contract duration: 12 Months

Boating days: 10 days

Towing: Yes you can tow the boat away on your holidays

Priority Booking: Yes

Insurance: $49/month (optional)


Fancy driving a bigger boat under this membership? Ask a staff to arrange an induction for you. All these benefits under a very affordable rate of 299 per month!

Contact us today!