Sunday Breakfast in Docklands with a difference | Docklands Boat Hire |
Sunday Breakfast in Docklands with a difference | Docklands Boat Hire

Breakfast is on us! While you experience luxury boating in style with our Docklands boat hire!

If you’re passionate about boating and want to experience the luxury lifestyle on the water, why not come down and enjoy a couple of hours talking boats over a sumptuous cooked breakfast and a glass or two of champagne on one of our luxury cruisers, You’ll meet like minded people, members of our club, other potential new members and enjoy a half hour trial cruise on the Yarra on one of our luxury boats.

Be the first person to register each week and win a Melbourne City Chauffeured Car ride to and from Docklands for breakfast. How good is that, we’ll pick you up and breakfast you on one of our luxury cruisers while you have a ball, then we’ll drive you home again.

But as you can imagine, you’ll have to register very quickly to win this lucky prize. Register here NOW

Breakfast starts at 7.30 am – it’s early but we don’t want to take up all your day and you’ll be away by mid morning – unless you want to stay and play boats – rather than lawns, the choice is yours.

If you’re excited with your docklands boat hire¬†experience and join the club on the day, you’ll get a 50% reduction on our entrance fee. Your entrance fee includes your boat licence training (if you don’t already have one) and our practical one -on- one boat handling course that will give you the knowledge, ability and confidence to take your luxury cruiser out into the bay.

We invite current members and potential new members to enjoy these mornings, so come and talk boats and tell stories while we serve you breakfast. You won’t be left hanging with nobody to talk to, this is a warm and friendly morning on the water where you’ll see why we are Melbourne’s best boat club.

Places are limited as you can imagine so register here as quick as you can