Take one of our boats out on Easter Holidays! | Pleasure Cruising

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Thinking of where you’ll take your family for Easter holidays? Our members don’t worry about such or any excursions at all! The answer is easy. Reserve the boat on our member’s portal for the dates you wanted and take one of our boats out on relaxing getaway.

From our location at Docklands, berth at popular berthing areas such as Queenscliff, Sandringham, Williamstown, Blairgowrie and so much more. Enjoy the scenery these areas has to offer. Don’t worry about booking a hotel room and staying in just one place. Be mobile in the water whilst on our cruisers.

luxury boat hire melbourne

Take the family out on fishing and cook your fresh catch on board. Swim, BBQ, and so much more. You can fully enjoy being away from the city on Easter holidays or any holidays in general.

luxury boat hire melbourne

If this is the lifestyle you imagine yours needs to be, then take the first step now and become part of the Pleasure Cruising Club family!

Schedule a sea trial to get a feel of how it is like to become a PCC member.

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