Win a Free Membership at the Boatshow! |
Happening on February 3rd-5th at New Quay Marina!

The BIA Boat Show is coming up very soon! Come and win a membership to one of our cruisers! Better hurry because VIP tickets are limited.  All our cruisers will be on display. Drinks and catering will also be provided. To sign up for this event, send an e-mail to  Note that you come and meet with us after the close of the show at 6:30pm on the 4th of February. We hope to see you!

Over 200 lucky Australians, who could not afford to buy a luxury boat, have had access to our services since April 2007. For just a low monthly subscription service, have the luxury lifestyle this season!

Join now and have a fun HOLIDAY IDEA that goes like this:

On Christmas Day, we planned a trip to take the Pleasure Cruiser 38 for five days to Martha Cove. The forecast mentioned of storms late in the afternoon. We decided to head off early. It was a great cruise from Docklands to Martha Cove Marina, which was 27 nautical miles and it took us two hours only.

We took two families on the trip. Winds were less than 15 knots with a swell less than 1 meter. Upon arrival, we dropped anchor off safety and had the BBQ going. We could see the storm pattern move across Melbourne, but missed Mornington completely. We also brought the car down and  had the boat, which allowed us to enjoy boating activities with the kids.

Arbour’s Seat was close by that we visited the Maze and did some bush walks. From Martha Cove, we were able to go to Queenscliff and spend the day at about 16 nautical miles. It took about an hour. Remember that at Queenscliff, you can walk to nice and handy shops within 15 minutes. The beach was close by, as well. On the return trip, we went by Frankston and anchored off the beach with crystal clear waters.

One of the undeniable joys of boating is just anchoring off a beach and have the BBQ with your friends while watching your kids swim off the boat. Off the wall holiday!