Boating Apps A Must Have!

Recommended  Iphone Apps for Boaties. weatherzone Plus is a must  which provides a feed from the Bureau. Then having Navionics on a cellular ipad is a must to avoid groundings!

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Boat Safety Tip of The Month

Safety Tip: May 2016 “Ease Off The Anchor”

Excessive anchor use can burn out the motor or trip the switch. We wish to remind members to use the boats’ motors to gently drive the boat to the anchor and not allow “winch power” to pull in the anchor. There is a lot of weight particularly if there are waves and winds. On the other hand, too much engine power will cause the boat to “run over” the chain and tangle the chain with the props, causing damage. The skipper just needs to touch the throttle to slightly move the boat forward and then put the controls back in neutral.
We also must remind members about the 2 metre depth rule. This rule is non-negotiable. One of our members took the Dazzler near Mud Island causing prop damage. Luckily, the shafts were not destroyed otherwise the vessel could go out of action for a month.  The turnaround time to repair props is 1 week causing inconvenience to members.


Safety Tip: April 2016 “Fender Off”

When you’re going to park your vessel, plan what you’re going to do even before you arrive and instruct your crew accordingly.


Ask these questions

1. Are the fencers correctly aligned on the outside of the vessel on the correct side and the right height to protect the hull from impact?
2. Have you switched your bow thruster on?
3. Have you instructed your crew who is going to jump off the boat with a rope in their hand and secure the vessel at the marina?
4. Also, look at the winds and tidal flows. It’s always harder to park the boat into the wind; it’s easier to go stern first.

Happy boating!


February 2016  VHF Radio Saves Lives

VHF Radio

Do yourself and your family a favor and learn how to use a VHF radio so that you have the skills to broadcast a distress call on channel 16. Your lives may depend on it. The advantage of using 16 is that all boaties in the bay will hear your call and come to your aid. There is no RACV on the water and best chance of survival will come from another boatie.  Also, you must know how to read your position and provide latitude and longitude to the rescue authorities.

TIP: Easiest way to get your latitude and longitude  do this is to grab your iPhone and go to the “compass” app. You’ll see these details there then call one number- 000 for help.





May 2015: This month we are going to cover anchor technique. How to deploy your anchor and remember before you drive off pull up your anchor!

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Fishing Adventures

Fishing Adventures


Snapper Fishing With Men


It’s a great way to entertain clients or family and friends with our own club fishing experts. Nothing beats the excitement  of hauling in a 6kg Snapper and our member guests will never forget the experience. So if your tired of  of your “bored room”  or the restaurant scene, Join the Club.



Learn how to fish with our club experts on a luxury Sports Cruiser of your choice. Enjoy the comforts of a luxury boat that can handle most conditions of Port Phillip Bay. Our club boats are equipped with air conditioning/heating, private bathroom, kitchen & spacious rooms and plenty of shade from the sun or elements. Also equipped with AC power to charge phone and other appliances.

What is included:

– a qualified guide
– all the fishing equipment required
–  gourmet food & beverages
– a luxury sports cruiser with up to 10 of your guests
– all safety equipment

What you will be taught:
– what rods, reels and tackle to use
– weather and tide conditions
– how to read the fish founder
– how to use of GPS and Sounder
– how to use of the guides fishing gear
– valuable fishing tips and techniques
– how to make knots and rigs
– boat handling
– how to look after your catch
– anchoring

Fish species:
Snapper, Squid, Whiting, Gummy, Salmon, Pike, Garfish, Leatherjacket

So just call us to book your boat and enjoy!


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Docklands Winter Fireworks on a Boat in 2016!

Docklands Winter Fireworks on a Boat in 2016!

Every Friday night of July and August, the skyline are filled with explosions of colour and light – just right outside Pleasure Cruising! Continue Reading

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What Makes a Boater Broke

Forget about slow horses and fast women. Ask any boat broker what makes a boater broke, and they’ll spill a succinct response: “Spending good money on bad boat.” One common belief is that buying a secondhand boat and installing a new engine will increase the boat value. Wrong!

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Melbourne Luxury Boat Hire

 Luxury Boat Hire Melbourne

Creating magic moments on water is what we do. Our Mustang 28 boat is available in melbourne luxury boat hire  . We can have one of our members  take you on an excursion or  skipper school for training on how to drive the boat. So, why do a luxury boat hire? Just join the club and  use our luxury boats whenever you want to.

melbourne luxury boat hire



Come and join the club! We can surely arrange a memorable boat party in Melbourne or the Gold Coast

Why do a luxury boat hire  Melbourne or just join the club!

You can self drive our luxury boats with your own privacy or become a crew member of the club and have a member driver look after you. Better yet, share some notable occasions with us!

Surprise Marriage Proposal Cruise : Have the roses and bubbly waiting for your special partner before you finally pop the question.

Wedding Anniversary Cruise : Rekindle love and enjoy the boat ride.

Surprise Romantic Overnight Yacht Hire & Stays: We take care of the BBQ and food platters, alongside sheets and towels, most especially the ambiance.

Celebrate a Special Event Cruise: Birthdays, promotions or any milestone worth celebrating!

Reward a Staff Member: You’re the boss? Gift your staff with a club membership.

Conduct a staff meeting: It’s better than the “bored room”.

Business Meetings:  Give a WOW factor to your clients. Business is better on the water.

Become a crew member of the club for a year and let one of our friendly members  take you for an excursion.

So, why do a luxury boat hire  in Melbourne or The Gold Coast?  Just join the club!  It’s so easy; call us to find out

melbourne luxury boat hire


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Snapper Fishing in Melbourne

Snapper Fishing in Melbourne

Pleasure Cruising Club snapper fishing adventures for members is a great way to entertain clients on the bay. Snappers are biting in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne. The  Riviera M400 Sport Cruiser  are well equipped to go snapper fishing in the bay with bait boards, refrigeration and air conditioning plus proper amenities.  To catch snappers, the secret is to be out on the bay at sunrise or sunset. Our resident expert Daniel knows where to go helps our members and their guest catch snapper.

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Our Chinese Boat Club Members 俱乐部华人会员 - 巡航之旅

Our Chinese Boat Club Members 俱乐部华人会员 - 巡航之旅

Chinese boat club members like to fish

The Pleasure Cruising Club is honored to have many members of the local Chinese luxury boating community in Melbourne. They like to go fishing in the bay and have a great time with family playing Majong. Chinese members also like to go luxury boating on the water. In turn, the club organizes fishing days, Chinese New Year celebrations and Moon Festival. Let’s take a look of the past adventures in 2016!

随着Pleasure Cruising俱乐部的不断壮大,我们迎来更多的华人会员。在加入俱乐部的华人会员中,我们发现华人喜欢出海钓鱼,与家人在游艇上共度休闲时光,与商业合作伙伴在游艇上商谈合作方案或者与好友一同庆祝生日。以下是Pleasure Cruising俱乐部在与会员一同出海时,捕捉到的精彩瞬间!图片集时时更新,欢迎持续关注。请关注PCC俱乐部华语官方微信,咨询更多您感兴趣的信息吧!


Chinese Luxury Boat Club Members


Snapper Fishing Chinese Fishing

[点击此处了解更多Pleasure Cruising游艇俱乐部视频]

Many festivals in the Chinese tradition involve boating

The Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival, Duānwǔ Jié, Double Fifth, Tuen Ng Jit) is a traditional holiday that commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar, Qu Yuan (Chu Yuan). This takes place every fifth day of the fifth month on their lunar calendar.

Please Cruising Club Chinese members enjoy cruising with family and doing business on the water. Boating is enjoyed by all.

“龙舟节”,也就是大家常说的端午节是中国的传统节日,为了纪念著名的中国学者 — 屈原。端午节,为每年农历五月初五,又称端阳节、午日节、五月节、龙舟节、浴兰节等。受中华文化的影响,中秋节也是国家以及世界各地华人华侨的传统节日。


基于中国的传统文化,Please Cruising Club发现,华人会员很乐于与家人一同出海钓鱼,亦或者享受一个休闲的午后,或者是带上商业合作伙伴一同在海上洽谈项目。出海一向是被广大华人会员所喜爱的。


Chinese Members Training

Great Experience with Chinese Members | March, 2016


“It’s your choice to enjoy your life the way it is.”



chinese-boat-member-2    chinese-boat-member-3

chinese-boat-member-4   chinese-boat-member-5

chinese-boat-member-6   chinese-boat-member-7  chinese-boat-member-8  



pleasure cruising club

Chinese boat club members like to fish

Chinese boat club members like to fish

To be continued…







关注Pleasure Cruising Club官方微信了解更多游艇动态。微信预订游艇出海、生日聚会、商务洽谈

Wechat: pleasurecruisingclub



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Coxy Says Buying a Boat’s a Bad Idea

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Join Pleasure Cruising Today!

Join Pleasure Cruising Today!

It’s so easy to join. Pleasure Cruising Club Inc is an incorporated club in Victoria. You apply for a membership and you then have access to our luxury Sports Cruiser boats.

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